Replace one or multiple teeth.

Partial dentures are a flexible and affordable alternative to fixed restorations.

Instead of formulating new materials that are well suited to 3D printing but do not work well for dental applications, we have taken time-tested and clinically validated materials (Valplast®) and optimized them for additive manufacturing.

The result is a modern version of a classic material and application that the entire dental community knows and loves.


Designed to endure.

Send 3D scans effortlessly through our online portal or download a shipping label to send physical impressions with ease. Once we receive your scan we’ll design your Valplast® partial denture, 3D print it and finish it within a matter of days.

Valplast partials from Impress3D are metal-free, highly aesthetic and designed to fit out-of-the-box without adjustments.

Get comfortable.

Valplast® is the world’s leading brand of flexible partial denture - a brand that technicians, dentists and patients have trusted for over 70 years.

Every Valplast® partial from Impress3D carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the base resin under normal use.

Our restorations are designed and fabricated entirely in the United States with FDA registered and CE marked materials.